Aftercare program

Aftercare program

After surgery we make sure your recovery is as it should be. We use regual conversations, easy online video calls, telephone calls and message to do this.

During the aftercare programma you will have contact with serveral staff members at WeightWorks. These are the surgeon, the internist, the dietician, the psychologist and the lifestyle coach. You will follow our program for 5 years in total. The start of the after care program is a bit more intensive, but towards the end you will get a check up only once a year. The checkup appointments are mosty aimed at making sure you keep feel alright after your surgery, to see if you weight lowers according to schedule, to see if you do not develop and vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and to be able to offer you help in time when you need it. It is very imporant that you can always contact us for quenstions and help. 

Below you can see a general overview of the aftercare program at WeightWorks.

Aftercare program


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Start aftercare program

We start planning the first appointments after your surgery



First appointments

Appointments with our nurse, dietician, lifestyle coach and psychologist
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Following appointments

with your internist, dietician, lifestyle coach and taking a blood sample.



After the 1st year

appointment with the dietician, lifestyle coach and internist.
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Yearly checkups

with the internist, or with another collegue if necessary. After that you will be released from further check-ups.

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