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Dr. Edo Aarts

Dr. Edo Aarts was captivated early in his training as a surgeon by all that is involved in gastric reduction surgery.

Together with Dr. Frits Berends and Dr. Ignace Janssen, he set up a research department for gastric surgery at Rijnstate in Arnhem in 2007, which he supervised until 2018. Not surprisingly, he also received his doctorate on that topic in 2014.

Dr. Aarts has gained extensive experience in gastric reduction surgery at The Rijnstate Hospital.

He has conducted much scientific research with numerous publications and is a widely seen speaker at international conferences. So in 2020, he joined the editorial board of the leading scientific journal "Obesity Surgery.

"I believe that as a doctor you can only provide really good care if you specialize in one disease. People who do everything they can to get rid of their obesity have been close to my heart for many years because I know how hard they have it. Those people deserve my full attention and help!"

- Dr. Edo Aarts

Since 2008, he has been involved in the development of special multivitamins for people with gastric bypass surgery and has researched many formulations. In addition to his surgical experience, Dr. Aarts helps many people every year on their way to a healthier weight with a swallowable gastric balloon through the Allurion clinic. Dr. Aarts has extensive experience counseling people who are overweight. He combines that experience with his extensive scientific knowledge and surgical skill. All that adds to the special experience at WeightWorks.