The experience of Menno


Feb. 14 the day of surgery, I am warmly welcomed and shown around. I still get to freshen up in my room and dress myself. I am picked up and moved to the OR. Here the surgeon is still calmly telling everything. I feel myself so comfortable. I just don’t have any nerves. 12:15 I had surgery for Gastric Bypass. 15:10 I wake up. I am taken to my room to rest further. The nurses regularly check if I still need to pee, if I have enough left in the IV, and if I want a little custard or broth. Wow never experienced such service before.

The following day, the surgeon comes to me and says I am being discharged. I get to go home and go to rehab. That went very well and was also called by the surgeon how I was feeling, what a service. On 11-07-2022 I wrote this little story and am now -50 KG (182KG now 132KG).

To anyone reading this who is unsure whether to transfer or want surgery here I can’t say anything but YES do it here. They are super hospitable and help you so much. Others can learn from that.