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Dr. Frits Berends

Gastrointestinal surgeon since 1999. He received his doctorate on the topic of "keyhole surgery for solid abdominal organs.

In 2004, he and Dr. Ignace Janssen started the Vitalys clinic for gastric reductions in Arnhem. In Arnhem, he was involved in the introduction of laparoscopic gastric bypass in the Netherlands. Since then, he has performed many thousands of stomach reduction surgeries.

He was responsible for a number of modifications to the technique of gastric bypass surgery, which have now been adopted by many surgeons in the Netherlands and around the world.

Overweight and obesity are perhaps the most important chronic diseases today. It amazes me that many people and also doctors still see obesity as a lifestyle choice, which can be solved with enough healthy choices and perseverance. That's really nonsense. Once you reach a certain weight, it is virtually impossible to get it off without help.

"Gastric reduction surgery is safe to perform and gives tremendous results. I enjoy seeing patients suddenly living a much more enjoyable and healthy life after years of battling the pounds. It's nice to be able to contribute to that."

- Dr. Frits Berends

He was also in charge of all scientific research on various aspects of gastric reduction surgery. Partly under his leadership, the gastric reduction clinic in Arnhem grew to become the largest in the Netherlands. Dr. Berends was a board member of the Scientific Society of Obesity Surgeons (DSMBS) and chair of the committee to revise the Guideline for Surgical Treatment of Obesity, published in 2020. At WeightWorks, all of his previous experiences come together in a proprietary treatment program that is completely set up for successful weight loss.