Lasting weight loss
by Gastric Sleeve

(Tube stomach)

  • Short waiting times

  • Specialized care

  • Personal attention

Have you been dealing with obesity for years and are having trouble getting rid of it?

  • You’ve been overweight for years, no matter what you do, you can’t get more than a few pounds off.

  • You’ve decided after much hesitation that you want a stomach reduction, but there are very long wait times everywhere. You don’t get anywhere fast.

  • You are tired of starting another diet and are ready for a healthy lifestyle.

Then let us help you. WeightWorks is a medical clinic with extensive knowledge about the causes and treatment of obesity. We specialize in gastric reduction surgery for permanent weight loss.

Want to know if you qualify?

Pathway for stomach reduction


Through a quick scan and screening, you’ll quickly know if you qualify for a stomach reduction. Once approved you will be scheduled for surgery


You are scheduled for gastric bypass surgery. Soon you may report to us and the surgery will take place. Click here for all the info on what the surgery looks like.


In the 5 years after surgery, you will continue to be monitored by us. We feel it is very important that you continue to do well after surgery.

We understand your

Nothing is more frustrating than always having to fight the pounds. No one chooses to be overweight. Obesity is a creeping disease that eventually affects your health. In addition, obese people are more likely to suffer from depression, shame and prejudice from others. We have been able to help many people in recent years on their way to a more enjoyable and healthier life through gastric bypass surgery.

We have an extensive team of specialists, psychologists, dieticians and lifestyle coaches. Individual attention is one of our most important values. Therefore, with us you are not a number but you speak to the same people from the start to the after process. The process begins with a screening and then surgery, but we will guide you for up to 5 years after your surgery. This is how we help you stay healthy in the future.

Team WeightWorks

Gastric Sleeve

Watch the video explaining Gastric Sleeve (Tubular Stomach) treatment from our gastrointestinal surgeon Dr. Edo Aarts below.

Explanation of treatment

Gastric Sleeve (Tubular Stomach)

After you are put to sleep, surgery begins. The surgeon first takes a good look at the inside of your abdomen. Then comes the first step where we detach the stomach from the surrounding tissue on one side. A stomach tube is inserted through the mouth. We use this tube to precisely measure the thickness of the tube stomach.

The part of the stomach we want to remove is then cast off and cut loose. With that, the stomach becomes about ¾ smaller. The loose stomach part is now removed from the abdomen through a small incision. What remains is a tube stomach as thick as your thumb on the inside. We check everything one more time before the operation is finished. When you wake up we have already closed all the wounds. So from the operation itself you don’t notice anything at all.

The differences with Gastric Bypass and Mini Gastric Bypass:

  • No changes to the intestines
  • No chance of an internal hernia (twist of the intestines)
  • Slightly less likely to be deficient in vitamins and minerals
  • Slightly less weight loss in the long run
  • Poorer results in people who have diabetes
  • Part of the stomach is permanently removed; it does not grow back

What are the wait times

At WeightWorks, there are no long wait times. Once you have started the preliminary process and the screening shows that you are suitable for one of our surgeries, you can be scheduled for your surgery within a few weeks. This is possible because we have a professional specialty team with one specialty, gastric reduction surgery. This allows us to work efficiently and thus help you quickly.

Experiences of our patients:

  • Operation:

    Struggling with pounds all my life, I went to my family doctor in 2020 to discuss options for losing weight. I had been to every dietician in the area, I knew every gym in the area inside and out, but still I remained overweight. ...

  • Operation:

    "After being diagnosed with diabetes and once again failing diet attempts, I made the choice to have gastric bypass surgery. At Weightworks Clinic, I immediately felt taken seriously. The surgeons are kind, accommodating and above all very knowledgeable. The rest of the staff ...

  • Operation:

    I was running under another clinic. But heard of weightworks so I made the bold move and contacted them anyway also purely because it is in my hometown. I was able to get to weightworks very quickly. My experience is only good. The ...

  • Operation:

    On December 21, 2021, I walked into WeightWorks full of nerves. What are they like, what can I expect, will I be approved? Once inside, all nerves fell off me because of the great team of staff. I was immediately put at ease and ...

Do you want to know if you qualify for gastric bypass surgery?

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1

Do the Quick Scan

Complete the Quick Scan and quickly find out if you are a candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

  • Step 2

Going through your journey

You will go through the process from screening to the guidance of a Lifestyle coach in the after process.

  • Step 3

Go through life healthy

Now it’s up to you! Together with one of our lifestyle coaches, you will maintain a healthy lifestyle and have the most results and enjoyment from your gastric reduction.