The experience of Nicole


Struggling with pounds all my life, I went to my family doctor in 2020 to discuss options for losing weight. I had been to every dietician in the area, I knew every gym in the area inside and out, but still I remained overweight. The family doctor sent me to the bariatric center in Bergen op Zoom almost immediately. I completed the preliminary process there well and was on the waiting list to have surgery. Intensely happy, relieved, but secretly very nervous. As we all know, corona came around the corner not much later, where my surgery was also delayed. I started looking at other options and that’s how I came to WeightWorks. I quickly contacted them and was helped super well on the phone, took time for my story and expressed their expectations to me. December 6, 2021, I sent my documents to Weight Works and 2 months later on February 2, 2022, I was on the operating table. In that meantime, another appointment was scheduled to look at which surgery will be most suitable for me, I was given a tour and immediately noticed the feeling of trust. Together with Dr. Edo we discussed the different options and from that we came to the conclusion that a Mini Gastric Bypass will be the most suitable for me.

The contact between me and Weight Works was excellent. If I had questions, they could ask them and they took the time for me. So the day of surgery I was not nervous at all, they made me feel good. Therefore, I would recommend Weight Works to anyone else.

My adventure to a new version of myself has gone tremendously well with no complications and this in part because of Weight Works! I am now over 30 kg lighter and feel better than ever!