The experience of Rita


My name is Rita after 30 years of doing all the diets I was done with all the crashing and yo-yo living. It was time to really choose for myself so went after the family doctor and got a referral letter for the Dutch obesity clinic there I started the preliminary process but then corona set in and if went into lock down I got really sad about this now everything was going to take even longer.

On Facebook, I came across someone who said she was going to switch to WeightWorks Amersfoort. I started calling that and my health insurance so everything was in order. I was so happy to be able to come by for an interview. I was so warmly welcomed there by such sweet staff. The conversation with Dr. Edo was so pleasant. My story was really listened to. I was given the green light and I was able to make an appointment for surgery right away.

At Weightworks, it’s like a hotel. The surgery went mega well after a few hours the doctor came by to explain everything. The first eight weeks were pretty tough but I was so happy because I could finally lose weight properly. Now after 6 months I have lost 36.4 pounds my BMI has gone from 44 to 29.4. It was when I started 109.9 pounds my BMI was at 44. Here I am already so happy.

We are not there yet but am confident that my end goals will be met.

I would recommend it to anyone if you are ready to embark on this journey to definitely go to WeightWorks Amersfoort. You get into such a warm nest there with very kind people and very knowledgeable doctors.