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WeightWorks specialists are fully dedicated to gastric reduction surgery and the treatment of obesity. Together, Dr. Edo Aarts, Dr. Frits Berends, Dr. Kevin Göttgens, Dr. Gabor Abis and Dr. Thomas Vermeer have performed more than ten thousand gastric reduction surgeries and guided many more people to a healthy weight. They also publish many scientific articles on gastric reduction surgery.

The WeightWorks clinic is specially built and equipped for this type of surgery. Together with the Weightworks team, they make sure you receive the very best treatment and aftercare.

We know how it feels to have a battle with your weight for years.

How it can be frustrating when you feel that your body is not optimally healthy and you cannot get the most out of your life as a result. At WeightWorks, we get it. Over the past few years, we have helped hundreds of people like you overcome their daily weight loss race. We have helped people towards a body they are proud of, towards a life in which you can enjoy.

The process is simple. Take the Quick Scan and find out if you qualify for gastric bypass surgery.

We believe everyone can have a healthy body and you deserve it! We help you without long queues, so you can get started when you’re ready. So fill out the Quickscan now and take your first step!

Our founders:

  • Gastrointestinal surgeon since 1999. He received his doctorate on the topic of "keyhole surgery for solid abdominal organs. In 2004, he and Dr. Ignace Janssen started the Vitalys clinic for gastric reductions in Arnhem. In Arnhem, he was involved in the introduction of ...

  • Dr. Edo Aarts was captivated early in his training as a surgeon by all that is involved in gastric reduction surgery. Together with Dr. Frits Berends and Dr. Ignace Janssen, he set up a research department for gastric surgery at Rijnstate in Arnhem ...

More about WeightWorks:

The WeightWorks team:

WeightWorks specialists are fully dedicated to gastric reduction surgery and the treatment of obesity. Meet all of our specialists.

Our vacancies:

We are looking for top healthcare professionals who want to help build our rapidly growing organization and believe in a personalized approach to our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Much is said and written about stomach reductions. We have listed the most common questions, facts and fables for you.

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Do you want to know if you qualify for gastric bypass surgery?

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1

Do the Quick Scan

Complete the Quick Scan and quickly find out if you are a candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

  • Step 2

Going through your journey

You will go through the process from screening to the guidance of a Lifestyle coach in the after process.

  • Step 3

Go through life healthy

Now it’s up to you! Together with one of our lifestyle coaches, you will maintain a healthy lifestyle and have the most results and enjoyment from your gastric reduction.