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The WeightWorks specialists are fully dedicated to weightloss surgery and the treatment of overweight. Dr. Edo Aarts MD PhD, Dr. Frits Berends MD PhD, Dr. Kevin Göttgens MD PhD, and Dr. Gabor Abis MD PhD have together performed more than ten thousand weightloss procedures and guided many more people to a healthy weight. In addition, they publish many scientific articles about weightloss surgery. The WeightWorks clinic is specially built and equipped for this type of surgery. Together with the Weightworks team, they ensure that you receive the very best treatment and aftercare.

Frits Berends Gastrointestinal surgeon
Gastrointestinal surgeon

Dr. Frits Berends, MD PhD

Dr. Frits Berends has been a gastrointestinal surgeon since 1999. He obtained his PhD on the subject of 'exploratory operations for solid abdominal organs' (‘kijkoperaties voor solide buikorganen’). In 2004 he started, together with dr. Ignace Janssen, the Vitalys clinic for weightloss surgery in Arnhem. In Arnhem he was involved in the introduction of the laparoscopic gastric bypass in the Netherlands. Since then he has performed many thousands of weightloss procedures. He was responsible for a number of adjustments to the technique of gastric bypass surgery, which have now been adopted by many surgeons in The Netherlands and around the world. 

Overweight and obesity are perhaps the most important chronic diseases of the moment. It surprises me that many people and doctors still see obesity as a lifestyle choice that can be solved with enough healthy choices and perseverance. That's really nonsense. Once you reach a certain weight, it is almost impossible to get it off without help.

Weightloss surgery is safe to perform and gives a lot of results. I enjoy seeing how patients, after years of fighting against the kilograms, suddenly get a much nicer and healthier life. It is nice to be able to contribute to that.”

Dr. Frits Berends

He was also in charge of all scientific research into various aspects of weightloss surgery. Partly under his leadership, the weightloss surgery clinic in Arnhem grew into the largest in the Netherlands. Dr. Berends was a board member of the scientific association for overweight surgery (DSMBS) and chaired the committee to revise the guideline for surgical treatment of obesity, which was published in 2020. At WeightWorks, all his previous experiences come together in a proprietary treatment path that is completely geared towards successful weight loss.

Edo Aarts Gastrointestinal surgeon
Gastrointestinal surgeon

Dr. Edo Aarts, MD PhD

Dr. Early in his training as a surgeon, Edo Aarts was fascinated by everything that is involved in weightloss surgery. Together with dr. Frits Berends and dr. Ignace Janssen he set up a research department for weightyloss surgery at the Rijnstate in Arnhem in 2007, which he supervised until 2018. Not surprisingly, he also obtained his PhD on that subject in 2014. Dr. Aarts has gained extensive experience with weightloss procedures at the Rijnstate Hospital. He has done a lot of scientific research with numerous publications and is a frequent speaker at international conferences. So in 2020 he joined the editorial board of the leading scientific journal 'Obesity Surgery'.

I believe that as a doctor you can only provide really good care if you specialize in one disease. People who do everything to get rid of their excess weight have been dear to my heart for many years because I know how difficult it is for them. Those people deserve my full attention and help!

Dr. Edo Aarts

Since 2008 he has been involved in the development of special multivitamins for people with weightloss surgery and has already researched many compositions.. In addition to his surgical experience, Dr. Aarts helps many people on their way to a healthier weight with a gastric balloon that can be swallowed through the Allurion clinic. Dr. Aarts has extensive experience in guiding overweight people. He combines that experience with his extensive scientific knowledge and surgical skill. All of this contributes to the special experience at WeightWorks.

Kevin Göttgens Gastrointestinal surgeon
Gastrointestinal surgeon

Dr. Kevin Göttgens, MD PhD

Dr. Kevin Göttgens completed his training as a gastrointestinal surgeon at the Maastricht University Medical Center and the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. At the Catharina Hospital he was fully trained as a gastrointestinal surgeon and also specifically in weightloss surgery. After his training he worked for two years at the ETZ in Tilburg and then another three years at the Maxima Medical Center in Veldhoven/Eindhoven. Here he further expanded his experience with weightloss surgery. Since January 2023, he has been happy to strengthen the team at WeightWorks.

One of the biggest medical problems in our society today is overweight and obesity. This disease has a huge impact on health. That is why its prevention and treatment is so important. We see patients lose weight and recover quickly after years of health problems due to our treatments. Het is bijzonder mooi om te zien hoe gelukkig onze patiënten hiervan kunnen worden.


He also has extensive experience in scientific research and holds a PhD in gastrointestinal surgery. Through his work in various centers he has learned and performed many forms and variants of weightloss procedures. He applies all this knowledge and expertise in the treatment and guidance of overweight patients at WeightWorks.

Gabor Abis Gastrointestinal surgeon
Gastrointestinal surgeon

Dr. Gabor Abis, MD PhD

Dr. Gabor Abis was already interested in laparoscopic operations for abdominal problems before his training as a surgeon and has further specialized in this during his training and afterwards. He did his training at the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam and the Spaarne Gasthuis in Haarlem/Hoofddorp. In addition to his work at Weightworks, Dr. Abis works as a gastrointestinal and oncological surgeon at the Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort.

I think it's great to be able to contribute to achieving a healthy weight and more joy in life for people who have often been trying everything for years to get that done. Weightloss surgery using laparoscopy is the best and most effective way to achieve this in a safe way.

Dr. Gabor Abis

 In the Spaarne Gasthuis he has gained extensive experience with weightloss procedures that he can now apply to patients at Weightworks.


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