The experience of Ilona


On December 21, 2021, I walked into WeightWorks full of nerves. What are they like, what can I expect, will I be approved?
Once inside, all nerves fell off me because of the great team of staff. I was immediately put at ease and the interview went very smoothly. It was like talking to someone you’ve known for years.After a weigh-in moment and some measurements, I was given a tour even into the operating room.
January 26, 2022 was my big day….. I went in full force and let everything happen to me. In the room where they prepare you for the operation I had a very nice conversation about Curacao because I was going on vacation there this summer.

The surgery went super well and I had almost no pain. I had no post-surgery complaints at all, and I told everyone who wanted to hear how wonderful Weight Works is.

By now we are just over 6 months along and I have had some great experiences. For example, a day at efteling where I only thought during the first roller coaster…. I FIT IN.
On a plane without being trapped and in bikini on vacation. I have energy for 10 and I can eat and drink anything.

Weight Works was the best choice ever for my new life.