Weightloss surgery

Weightloss surgery (in general)

Weightloss surgery involves procedures that result in persisting weight loss for people with serious overweight and obesity. After surgery you will lose weight because you can eat less and have a lower hunger sensation. Often you can lose more than 70% of the weight you have to much. All procedures are performed under general anesthesia. That means that you will be fast asleep during the surgery. You will notice nothing during the whole procedure. The surgery itself will take about one hour. All surgical procedures at WeightWorks are performed laparoscopically. The complete procedure is performed through 5 or 6 small openings of about 2 centimeter. This means the wounds are small and cause less pain. Most people go home the day after surgery.

Do you qualify for weightloss surgery?

The most important part is your weight. The BodyMass index (BMI) is normally used for this. This is the ratio between your weight and height. Furthermore you need to be 18 years or older, have made serious attempts to lose weight and can't have any addictions. (Smoking is allowed, but preferably you should stop). Do our Quickscan to see if you qualify.

BMI over 40:
You have class 3 obesity, very serious overweight. Weightloss surgery is usually a good option.

BMI lower than 40, but over 35:
You have class 2 obesity. We evaluate additional disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterole, joint disorders or other diseases related to overweight. When that is the case you can qualify for surgery.

BMI between 30 and 35:
You have class 1 obesity: If you would like weight loss surgery, you would have to pay for it yourself. Ask us about the posibilities and costs.

BMI under 30 and over 25:
You are overweight. You do not qualify for a surgical procedure. There are other ways to loose weight: Lifestyle intervention, medication or a gastric balloon. Usually there are costs involved in these cases. Ask us about the possibilities. Ask us about the possibilities.


Customer experiences

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    Customer: Rita
    Procedure: Gastric bypass

    My name is Rita. After 30 years of doing all the diets I was done with all that crash and yo-yo life. It was time to really choose myself, so I went to the doctor and received a referral letter for the Dutch Obesity Clinic. That's where I started the process... Read more

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    Customer: Kimberly
    Procedure: Mini Gastric bypass

    I walked into another clinic but heard about WeightWorks so I took the plunge and contacted them purely because it's in my own hometown. I was able to go to WeightWorks very quickly....  Read more

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    Customer: Nicole
    Procedure: Mini Gastric bypass

    After battling the necessary kilograms all my life, I went to the doctor in 2020 to discuss options for losing weight. I had already had all dieticians in the area, I knew every gym in the area inside and out, but I still remained overweight... Read more

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    Customer: Wendy & Thanas
    Procedure: Gastric Bypass and a Mini Gastric Bypass

    After years of fighting the kilos, we have made the decision to go for weightloss surgery. At first we went to NOK, but via via we ended up at WeightWorks. Fortunately, after we called for information, we were able to get in quickly... Read more

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    Customer: Ilona
    Procedure: Mini Gastric Bypass

    On December 21, 2021 I walked into WeightWorks full of nerves. What kind of people are they, what can I expect, will I be approved? Once inside, all nerves went away because of the great team of employees. I was immediately put at ease and the conversation went very smoothly... Read more

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    Customer: Menno
    Procedure: Gastric Bypass

    February 14, the day of the operation, I am warmly welcomed and shown around. I am still allowed to freshen up in my room and dress myself. I am picked up and moved to the OR. Here the surgeon explains everything calmly... Read more

  • Image

    Customer: Kimberly
    Procedure: Mini Gastric bypass

    How did I get to this path? I walked into another clinic but heard about WeightWorks so I took the plunge and contacted them anyway, also purely because it is in my own hometown. I was able to go to WeightWorks very quickly.... Read more

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    Customer: Debbie
    Procedure: Gastric bypass

    After the diagnosis of diabetes and again failing diet attempts, I made the choice for a weightloss procedure. At WeightWorks Clinic I immediately felt taken seriously. The surgeons are sweet, accommodating and above all very knowledgeable.. Read more

    Surgical weight loss

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    Surgery might sound drastic, but in general it is not so radical. People not only lose weight after surgery, but also become more healty and happier. Do you want to know if you qualify for weightloss surgery?

    Check here if you qualify for weightloss surgery. Do the check or contact us.

    WeightWorks Quick Sscan

    Our specialists

    The WeightWorks specialists are fully dedicated to weightloss surgery and the treatment of overweight. Dr. Edo Aarts, Dr. Frits Berends, Dr. Kevin Göttgens and Dr. Gabor Abis have performed more than ten thousand weightless procedures and guided many more people to a healthy weight. In addition, they publish many scientific articles about weightloss surgery. The WeightWorks clinic is specially built and equipped for this type of surgery. Together with the WeightWorks team, they ensure that you receive the very best treatment and aftercare.

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