Obesity is a chronic disease in which the weight is too high and the body stores too much fat. Due to the high weight and the increase in the fat percentage, other health risks can arise, such as diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) or high blood pressure (Hypertension). In addition, we often hear that there is too little energy or endurance, and that sports are no longer possible as a result. All of this may be a reason to seek treatment for obesity. The cause of overweight and obesity can never be directly identified, but always consists of a combination of different factors. Even if there is no obesity yet, other health issues can arise.

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Many people have heard of the BMI. This stands for Body Mass Index, and is a way to see if someone has a healthy weight. A BMI over 25 is considered overweight. If the BMI exceeds a certain value of overweight, then one can speak of Obesity and at some point even of Morbid Obesity. Here you can see which different variants of overweight fit a certain BMI. With our check you can see what your BMI is and whether you are eligible for a weightloss procedure. The criteria to qualify for weightloss surgery that will be reimbursed are a BMI >40, or a BMI >35 with an additional comorbidity (other disease).

Surgical weight loss

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Surgery might sound drastic, but in general it is not so radical. People not only lose weight after surgery, but also become more healty and happier. Do you want to know if you qualify for weightloss surgery?

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The WeightWorks specialists are fully dedicated to weightloss surgery and the treatment of overweight. Dr. Edo Aarts, Dr. Frits Berends, Dr. Kevin Göttgens and Dr. Gabor Abis have performed more than ten thousand weightless procedures and guided many more people to a healthy weight. In addition, they publish many scientific articles about weightloss surgery. The WeightWorks clinic is specially built and equipped for this type of surgery. Together with the WeightWorks team, they ensure that you receive the very best treatment and aftercare.

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