The experience of Wendy and Thanas


After years of fighting the pounds, we made the decision to go for gastric bypass surgery. Initially we went to NOK but ended up at Weightworks through word of mouth. After we called for information, we were fortunately able to visit soon. We had a conversation with Dr. Berends and he explained everything exactly from the first step to the last step. After the talk, we were also given a tour. We really couldn’t have imagined a better place!!! Both before, during and after surgery we felt like a human being and not a number and felt like we were in a hotel. Super nice experience had. The operations went well, recovery went super and now we are six months po and have lost the necessary kilos, Thanas 41 kilos and Wendy 33 kilos. We have a much more active and happy life. And that thanks to this great team with golden heart which looks beyond numbers and money and considers you as a human being. And everything was settled nicely with the insurance company.