The experience of Kimberly


I was running under another clinic. But heard of weightworks so I made the bold move and contacted them anyway also purely because it is in my hometown. I was able to get to weightworks very quickly.

My experience is only good. The staff is always there for you at all times. If you have questions, they help you as quickly as possible. You are not seen as a number but truly as a family member. In short, only good things about weightworks.

Meanwhile, I have also recommended you to others several times.

I also had immense support from the people around me. I went down this path with my father and had surgery the same day. I also dare to walk in a bikini for the first time. Without being ashamed of my body. You notice that people look at you for your loose skin and scars but I dont care, I feel good and I am proud of how I look now. Meanwhile -46 kg.