The criteria

Why do we have criteria?

Weight loss surgery is an excellent option for persisting weight loss. Even though the risks are very low, that doesn't mean there is zero risk for complications.  Therefore it is very important to outweigh your current health risks, caused by being overweight, against the risks of an operation. Being a little overweight doesn't increase your health risks very much, but if your weight increases further, the risk of damage to your health rises quickly. Even more so if you already have a disease like hypertension, high cholesterole or diabetes. In that case your health risks (and costs) caused by obesity outweigh the risks of a surgical procedure. Health insurance companies therefore have clear rules for reimbursement of the procedures.  

What are the criteria for weight loss (bariatric) surgery?

The most important part is your weight. The BodyMass index (BMI) is normally used for this. This is the ratio between your weight and height. Furthermore you need to be 18 years or older, have made serious attempts to loose weight and can't have any addictions. (Smoking is allowed, but preferably you should stop). We also evaluate your eating behaviour and do a psychological analysis to see if a surgical procedure possible. Do our Quickscan to see if you comply with the criteria.

BMI above 40:
You have class 3 obesity, very serious overweight. Weightloss surgery is usually a good option.

BMI lower than 40, but over 35:
You have class 2 obesity. We evaluate  additional disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterole, joint disorders or other diseases related to overweight. When that is the case you can qualify for surgery. 

BMI between 30 and 35:
You have class 1 obesity: If you would like weight loss surgery, you would have to pay for it yourself. Ask us about the posibilities and costs.

BMI under 30 and over 25:
You are overweight. You do not qualify for a surgical procedure. There are other ways to loose weight: Lifestyle intervention, medication or a gastric balloon. Usually there are costs involved in these cases. Ask us about the possibilities. Ask us about the possibilities. 

All criteria summarized.

  • Your age is 18 up and to 70 years.
  • Your BMI is above 40 or has been in the past.
  • Your BMI is over 35 and you have a obesity-related other disorder.. for example: High blood pressure or diabetes. But as explained, this list is far longer. Just ask us if you qualify. If you have diabetes, a BMI of 30 is sometimes enough.
  • You have been overweight for at least 5 years.
  • It helps if you have been to a dietician before, and are familiar with basic knowledge of healty food.
  • If you have an eating disorder we preferably treat this before you undergo surgery. An eating disorder can be either a aberrant eating behaviour or eating pattern. Binges are also part of this.
  • At the moment of surgery you should not have any serious psychologic problems. Using antidepressants is not an objection for the procedure.
  • You cannot be addicted to alcohol, medication or any drugs.
Surgical weightloss

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Surgery might sound drastic, but in general it is not so radical. People not only lose weight after surgery, but also become more healty and happier. Do you want to know if you qualify for weightloss surgery?

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