Weightloss surgery experiences

We know better than anyone that you don't take the decision to have surgery lightly. This is almost always preceded by a long period of deliberation. It often helps if you read about the experiences of people who have already had weightloss surgery. There are also patient satisfaction surveys that look at how people have experienced an operation. You will usually be asked about how your quality of life has changed as a result of the operation. All these studies clearly show that people not only become healthier after weightloss surgery, but also happier.

For the experiences of people who underwent a gastric bypass, read the stories below. But we can also put you in touch with an experience expert who has undergone weight loss surgery him/herself. Please contact us for this.


Customer experiences


Name: Rita
Procedure: Gastric Bypass

My name is Rita and after 30 years of doing all the diets I was done with all that crashing and yo-yo living. It was about time to really choose myself, so I went to the GP and received a referral letter for the Dutch obesity clinic. There I started the preliminary process, but then corona came up and when I went into lock down. I got really sad now with everything taking longer.

I came across someone on Facebook who said she was going to switch to WeightWorks Amersfoort. I called there and my health insurance company so that everything was in order. I was so happy to be able to drop by for an interview. I was welcomed there so warmly by such lovely staff. The conversation with Dr. Edo was so pleasant. My story was really listened to. I got the green light and I was able to make an appointment for the operation right away.

At Weightworks, it's like a hotel. The operation went very well after a few hours the doctor came by to explain everything. The first eight weeks were quite tough but I was so happy because I was finally able to lose weight properly. Now after 6 months I have lost 36.4 kilos, my BMI has gone from 44 to 29.4. When I started with 109.9 kilos my BMI was at 44. I am already so happy with this.

We are not there yet but I am confident that my final goals will be achieved.

I would advise everyone to go to WeightWorks Amersfoort if you are ready to start this process. You end up in such a warm nest with very nice people and very knowledgeable doctors. πŸ’—πŸ’™



Customer: Nicole
Procedure: Mini Gastric Bypass

By battling the necessary kilograms all my life, I went to the doctor in 2020 to discuss options for losing weight. I had already had all dieticians in the area, I knew every gym in the area inside and out, but I still remained overweight. The GP almost immediately sent me to the bariatric center in Bergen op Zoom. I successfully completed the preliminary process there and was on the waiting list to be operated on. Intensely happy, relieved, but secretly also very nervous. As we all know, corona came around the corner not much later, which also kept my operation waiting. I started looking at other options and that's how I ended up at WeightWorks. I quickly contacted them and was helped very well on the phone, took the time for my story and expressed their expectations to me. December 6, 2021 I sent my documents to WeightWorks and 2 months later on February 2, 2022 I was on the operating table. In the meantime, another appointment has been scheduled to see which operation will be most suitable for me, I was given a tour and I immediately noticed the feeling of confidence. Together with Dr. Edo we discussed the various options and together we came to the conclusion that a Mini Gastric Bypass would be the most suitable for me.

The contact between me and WeightWorks went well. If I had questions, they could be asked and they took the time for me. The day of the operation I was not nervous at all, they gave me a good feeling. I would therefore recommend WeightWorks to anyone else.

My adventure to a new version of myself went very well without complications and this partly because of WeightWorks! I am now over 30 kg lighter and feel better than ever!


Customer: Kimberly
Procedure: Mini Gastric Bypass

I was in the process in another clinic. But heard of Weightworks so I took the plunge and still contacted them purely because it is in my own hometown. I was able to go to Weightworks very quickly.

My experience is only good. The employees are always there for you at all times. If you have any questions, they will help you as soon as possible. You are not seen as a number but really as a family member. In short, only good things about WeightWorks.

I have already recommended you to others several times.

I also had a lot of support from the people around me. I went on this journey with my father and had surgery the same day. I also dare to walk in a bikini for the first time. Without being ashamed of my body. You notice people look at you for your loose skin and scars but I don't care πŸ’ͺ I feel good, I'm proud of how I look now. Meanwhile -46 kg. ☺️


Customer: Wendy and Thanas
Procedure: Gastric Bypass and a Mini Gastric Bypass 

After years of fighting the kilos, we have made the decision to go for a weightless surgery. At first we went to NOK, but via via we ended up at Weightworks. Fortunately, after we called for information, we were able to get in quickly. We had a conversation with Dr Berends and he explained everything exactly from the first step to the last step. After the conversation we also got a tour. We really couldn't have imagined a better place!!! Before, during and after the operation we felt like a person and not a number and we had the feeling that we were in a hotel. Had a very nice experience. The operations went well, recovery went great and we have now lost and the necessary kilos half a year after the surgery, Thanas 41 kilos and Wendy 33 kilos. We have a much more active and happier life. And that thanks to this great team with a golden heart that looks beyond numbers and money and considers you as a human being. And everything is neatly arranged with the insurance.
The contact between me and WeightWorks went well. If I had questions, they could be asked and they took the time for me. The day of the operation I was not nervous at all, they gave me a good feeling. I would therefore recommend WeightWorks to anyone else.

My adventure to a new version of myself went very well without complications and this partly because of Weight Works! I am now over 30 kg lighter and feel better than ever!


Customer: Ilona
Procedure: Mini Gastric Bypass 

On December 21, 2021 I walked into WeightWorks full of nerves. What kind of people are they, what can I expect, will I be approved?
Once inside, all nerves fell went away because of the great team of employees. I was immediately put at ease and the conversation went very smoothly. It was as if you were talking to someone you've known for years. After a weighing moment and some measurements, I was even given a tour of the operating room.
January 26, 2022 was my big day..... Full of surrender I went in and let everything come over me. In the room where they prepare you for the operation, I had a super nice conversation about Curacao because I went on vacation there this summer.

The surgery went very well and I had almost no pain. I had no complaints at all after the operation and I told everyone who wanted to hear how fantastic WeightWorks is.

We are now a little over 6 months further and I have had the necessary great experiences. For example, a day at Efteling where I only thought during the first roller coaster.... I FIT IN.
On a plane without getting stuck and on vacation in a bikini. I have energy for 10 and I can eat and drink anything.

WeightWorks was the best choice ever for my new life.


Customer: Menno
Procedure: Gastric Bypass 

February 14, the day of the operation, I am warmly welcomed and shown around. I am still allowed to freshen up in my room and dress myself. I am picked up and moved to the OR. Here the surgeon tells everything calmly. I feel so at ease. I'm just not nervous. 12:15 I was operated on for the Gastric Bypass. 15:10 I wake up. I am taken to my room to rest. The nurse regularly checks whether I still have to urinate, whether I still have enough in the infusion and whether I want a little custard or broth. Wow, never experienced such service.

The next day the surgeon comes to me and says that I am being discharged. I can go home and recover. That went very well and the surgeon also called me how I feel, what a service. On 11-07-2022 I wrote this story and am now -50 KG (182 KG now 132 KG).

To everyone who reads this and is in doubt whether to switch or whether she wants to have surgery here, I can only say YES do this here. They are super welcoming and help you so much. Others can learn something from that.


Customer: Debbie
Procedure: Gastric Bypass 

After the diagnosis of diabetes and again failed diet attempts, I made the choice for weightless surgery. At WeightWorks Clinic I immediately felt taken seriously. The surgeons are sweet, accommodating and above all very skilled. The rest of the staff makes the personal approach that they pursue complete. With the gastric bypass I have lost about 44 kg in 8 months and I almost have a healthy BMI, without too many side effects.

It's the best choice I could make and I can really recommend WeightWorks Clinic to everyone.