It is too easy to attribute overweight and obesity solely to the wrong diet and lack of exercise. Overweight should be seen as a disease with multiple causes.

Obesity related diseases

As in all other Western countries, the number of overweight people is increasing in The Netherlands. More than half of the Dutch population is now overweight. The causes of obesity are not so easy to point out. Everyone knows that the development of overweight is related to wrong or too much food and insufficient exercise. But there are many more factors that play a role, such as predisposition, stress, hormones and sleep. You have the best chance of losing weight permanently with a weightloss procedure because it immediately reduces your feeling of hunger and satiety.

Obesity is not a matter of one cookie too many or a number of ill-advised lifestyle choices. The World Health Organization (WHO) and also our Dutch Health Council have regarded obesity as a disease for years. Isn't that an exaggeration? We don't think so. Characteristics of a disease are:

  1. There is an abnormal structure and function of the body that causes complaints. 
  2. There is a characteristic pattern of symptoms. 
  3. Damage to organs and tissues occurs